VIRAC: The VVV InfraRed Astrometric Catalogue


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The data are also queryable via the VISTA Science Archive (
VSA) (table name: vvvProperMotionCatalogue).

Single Source Data

Proper Motion Data by VIRAC Source ID

Curated Catalogues

Table of visually confirmed high proper motion sources with epm <5 mas/yr (Table A1) -
txt - fits
Table of 5σ parallaxes (Table B1) -
txt - fits

R. Kurtev table of VVV parallax measurements -
This is an independently calculated set of parallax solutions for high proper motion stars within the high proper motion catalogue of Kurtev et al. (2017, MNRAS, 464, 1247). The approach differed from VIRAC in that each parallax calculation used a small number of bright astrometric reference stars around each high proper motion star.